1. Members of the Charlie Spice Lounge are offered free admission to the venue.
  2. Non-members must pay an admission fee of US$500, which is redeemable in drinks, food or entertainment.
  3. All guests MUST make advance reservations to visit the venue. 
  4. The dress code to enter the Charlie Spice Lounge is elegantly casual.
  5. Management reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone.
  6. Management reserves the right to refuse admission to any member or non-member.
  7. Sexual activity in any form is not allowed at the Charlie Spice Lounge.
  8. Sexual touching of the hostesses or dancers is not allowed.
  9. Guests who become overly intoxicated will be asked to leave the venue.
  10. Guest who exhibit unruly behaviour will be asked to leave the Charlie Spice Lounge.
  11. The suggested minimum tip for hostesses and dancers is US$ 5.00.
  12. Tipping the Dancers, Hostesses, Bartenders or other staff is encouraged but is at the descretion of the guests.
  13. All bar tabs must be settled before leaving the venue.
  14. Smoking is not allowed inside the venue.
  15. Guests must use the outside deck for smoking.
  16. The Covid-19 protocols related to bars and restaurants in Barbados must be observed at all times.