Hostesses Wanted


Earn US$ 50 - US$ 150 Per Shift

The Charlie Spice Lounge is recruiting attractive ladies to work as Hostesses to entertain the guests of our exclusive Gentleman's Club located on 2nd Street, Holetown, St James, Barbados. 

The role of a Hostess is as follows.

  • To promote the Charlie Spice Lounge on social media.
  • To invite guests to the Charlie Spice Lounge via social media or face-to-face promotion.
  • To meet & greet all guests upon arrival at the Charlie Spice Lounge.
  • To socialise and mingle with guests.
  • To take drink orders from guests.
  • To place drink orders at the bar for guests.
  • To remove empty glasses and bottles from tables.
  • To coordinate lap/pole dance requests from guests.
  • To monitor the activities in the private dance room to ensure that house rules are adhered to.

Each Hostess is expected to achieve the following performance targets.

  1. To introduce a minimum of 5 new guests per week to the Charlie Spice Lounge.
  2. To place a minimum of US$ 1,000 in drink orders per week at the bar.

The appointment of Hostesses who fail to achience these targets is subject to review.

Hostesses must have the following talents and qualifications.

  1. 18 - 30 years
  2. Attractive
  3. Intelligent
  4. Flirtatious
  5. Excellent communication skills
  6. Great interpersonal skills
  7. Sense of humour
  8. Great style/fashion sense
  9. Sophisticated
  10. Savoir faire
  11. Good etiquette
  12. Social graces
  13. Professional work ethic
  14. Team player

Hostesses are independent and can set their own work schedule. Conditions apply.

Hostesses make money as follows.

  1. Hostesses are paid a fee of US$ 5.00 per hour.

  2. Hostesses are paid 10% commission on the sale of all bottle drinks ordered by guests assigned to them.

Hostesses are paid an equal share of all tips received from guests.

All money due to Hostesses is paid out at the end of each shift.

Before you apply to become a Hostess, please reiew the terms & conditions for Hostesses at

To apply for this opportunity, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Send us 6-12 recent photos in swim suit, casual and formal wear via WhatsApp on +1 246 831 1960.
  2. If your profile meets our criteria, you will be invited to sign up an add your profile to our website at
  3. You will then be invited to visit the Charlie Spice Lounge venue in person for an interview. Interviews are held 8.00 - 9.00 pm, Tuesday - Sunday

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